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Operation and Rules of the Lagoon

paddle boats on the lagoonThe BLPOA is a private non-profit corporation, not a homeowner's association, whose sole function is to maintain and operate the lagoon for the benefit and recreation of its members.  Members of the BLPOA are assessed monthly dues, payable quarterly in advance. Dues increases and special assessments are permitted under the Bylaws subject to a two-thirds approval of the members. Membership in the BLPOA terminates when a member sells property on the lagoon and it is not automatically transferred to the new owner. New BLPOA members are responsible for BLPOA dues payments from the date of the purchase of their lagoon home.

For information about use of the Lagoon and rules governing that use,  click here.


Lagoon Safety Tip:

Swimmers always have the right-of-way over all water craft. However, swimmers are encouraged to watch for boats on the lagoon and to avoid swimming near bouys or the start/finish line during sailboat races. Swimmers are encouraged to wear bright colored caps for better detection.