Some points to consider from our City Engineer

FEMA Information Website:


  • A property fronting the Belvedere Lagoon has been designated by the new FEMA Flood Maps as Zone AE. If you own a property that fronts the Lagoon, it will be in listed in the new zone effective May 2009. The Zone AE designation means that there is a 1% chance of flooding annually.
  • You are NOT required to obtain flood insurance unless you have an existing loan backed by the federal government.
  • Flood insurance through the Federal Program is available directly through your existing home insurance agent.
  • If you obtain flood insurance before May 9 you will be locked into a significantly lower rate for the future than if you initiate coverage after May 9.
  • You may be eligible for an even better rate if you can demonstrate that the lowest floor of your living area is above the Flood Level. A registered engineer or Surveyor must make this determination.
  • The new flood zone designations are based on information that FEMA has gathered since the last maps were issued in 1977 this includes any recent projects that have impacted the area.
  • FEMAs maps now indicate that Belvedere Lagoon will be impacted by flooding from both Belvedere Cove and Richardson Bay. While we could raise the San Rafael Avenue Seawall to prevent flooding from the north, there is no reasonable way to create a barrier along Beach Road at the Cove. Thus, flood insurance will still be required, despite any raising of the San Rafael Avenue Seawall.
  • At a recent City Goals Meeting the City Council decided to delay the San Rafael Avenue Seawall project until FEMA makes a final determination of necessary height and during that interim seek Federal Funding Assistance for the project and make necessary remedial repairs to the decomposite granite pathway.
  • For more info please check the FEMA website at or by calling 888.435.6637

Lagoon Safety Tip:

There are no lifeguards on duty on the lagoon and a close watch should be maintained on non-swimmers, especially children. Small children using the lagoon's island should be accompanied by an adult.